Hubie Brown


    Through the years Ian, Dwinn, and I have been watching the NBA and collecting pearls of basketball wisdom from announcer Hubie Brown.

    Below are a few of his principles.

basketball You must dunk with two hands
basketball You try to tell guys, will you please wait 'til the screener is set?
basketball You cannot feed a guy in the post from above the free throw line
basketball When you're defending the postman, never turn your back when someone's cutting
basketball You try to tell guys, you never dribble just once
basketball You must remember, young players, who are you fouling?
basketball You cannot allow a big man to take the ball uncontested from half court. You must cut him off at the circle.
basketball Your man leaves you, you cut to the front of the rim
basketball You must pound the boards, force the ball up, and the fatigue factor will free up easy threes
basketball You always give it to the guy who's cutting and has the high percentage shot
basketball You must take advantage of turnovers and second shots
basketball When running the UCLA offense, you must jam the passer
basketball Any time the ball goes to the wing and a back screen is set by the center or forward or the point guard, someone must help him out -- or else jam the passer
basketball If you front the low post or gamble for a steal, it's a layup
basketball Any time you get in that area [the lane], you try to make a bounce pass
basketball You're either going to trap or you're going to force the dribbler high -- but you cannot allow him to turn the corner
basketball If you're going to force him, force him baseline -- do not allow him to get into the lane
basketball Post-up guys, will you please catch the ball with both hands, then get good position, then turn to the basket
basketball You always want to create angles when you start the fast break
basketball If you're going to front and you catch a lob you cannot send up anything soft
basketball On dribble penetration you can let your man go baseline, but if they go to the lane instead... Come on! Where's the help?
basketball You cannot send all 3 guys to the basket because the post up man will have no one to pass to
basketball Whenever the defensive team fronts the low post, you must clear out the opposite side low box defender
basketball You try to tell guys, when you're playing against good halfcourt defense not to pass the ball off the dribble because you cannot take it back if the defense reacts
basketball You cannot front a great post-up player unless you also jam the passer
basketball In the transition offense you cannot post a man that close to the basket
basketball You cannot leave your feet unless you are shooting the ball
basketball You always tell defenders, make the ball change direction
basketball Come on. When the big man, at that size, runs in transition, posts up on the defensive circle, will you get him the ball?
NEWbasketball You cannot doubleteam with 3 guys
NEWbasketball When you get trapped, come on we've been playing almost a half, will you please get rid of the ball quickly? Because you have a 4 on 3 from the circle down
NEWbasketball You never start the fast break until you get the rebound

    Here's a quote from Hubie's stint as coach of the Memphis Grizzlies.
Griz When Hubie Says 'bang'
"When a pivot man is fronted, throw the lob pass to the nearest low corner of the backboard and let him go get the ball. Here's how we'll play a double pick. The cutter is always tailgated. The bottom-side defender moves to close the baseline path, then opens it when the cutter circles his way through. The top-side defender halves the two pickers when his partner is shading baseline, then he steps up to bang the cutter and keep him from curling. And when I say 'bang,' I mean it."

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